Our technological solutions transform field data into valuable informations for a data driven field crop growers.


Hagtec is an agtech start-up newly established by experienced specialists supported with a team of young ESRs and educated engineers who are well-versed in agricultural techniques, agronomy and sales. Our flagship project is AcreFx bioinformatic software for predictive cross analyses of soil-plant data with an intuitive prescription manager.

Our team

Branimir Popov - CEO

Branimir Popov - CEO, MSc. Agribusiness management and data science. Experienced entrepreneur with 9 years in agri-business, high tech agronomy as well as business development. He poses strong analytical capabilities with proven business development skills. His main role is to lead the project, external/internal team and the business on a strategical level. His agronomical expertise is in no till, regenerative agriculture, precision agriculture, technology implementation in various production systems.

Marko Milovanović - CTO

Marko Milovanović - CTO, Senior software engineer – Experienced engineer working in computer hardware/software industry for more than 10 years. Highly skilled with high volume data pipelines and ETL architecture design. Focused on statistical inference model implementations and data analysis. Worked on delivering systems with hundreds of thousands of users implementing cutting edge concepts from both academy research and high performance production environments.

Nikola Stanić - FTM

Nikola Stanić - Field Test Manager, Msc. Agricultural eng. – An experienced agricultural engineer, currently on PhD studies at the faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad, Serbia. He has spent the last three years working with advanced machines for precision agriculture.

Our vision

Hagtec’s vision, on a global scale, is to contribute to solution of a problem known as soil depletion, as well as increase the food quality through soil correction as the primary resource of production. The technological solutions that Hagtec is planning to launch will help farmers to acquire and understand large amounts of various data in order to make better decisions and save money while becoming more sustainable.

Our mission

Hagtec’s mission in the following years is to position itself on the global market as the technological company that develops software solutions for intelligent agriculture of XXI century.

Cross analyses

Overlapping of various soil maps from multiple sources

Data interpretation

Providing users with direct recommendations based on chemical, biological and physical analysis

Track progress over time

Time-lapse manager feature enables soil monitoring over multiple seasons

High annual savings

By quantifying exact value of product per zone, Acre Fx will help users to cut down on input losses

Contact Us

Branimir Popov, CEO - b.popov@hagtec.com / +381 60 222 88 99


Partizanske Avijacije 18/16, 11070, Beograd